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Van Leasing

If you are looking for a brand-new van for either your business or for personal use, then you are right place. We supply a range of leasing options for all of our new Ford and Volkswagen vans which can be suited towards your budget needs.

Our commercial vehicles are available in a range of sizes and engine types so you will be sure to find the right vehicle.

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FAQs on Van Leasing

Can I claim 100% VAT when leasing a van?

All of our vehicles are commercial so if you are a business, then you will be able to claim 100% VAT, however, if you want to van lease as an individual then this will not be possible.

Will insurance be included in van leasing?

Insurance is not included as part of the lease deal, this will be your responsibility to find your insurance. Make sure that before driving your new van on the road that it is insured.

What type of vans are available to lease?

We have a wide range of vans to lease at Rampage Vehicles which will suit your business or individual. We have different types of long wheelbases, transmissions, and sizes to suit your needs. We sell both vans and pickup trucks so whether you are a sole trader or looking for a new adventure then you will be sure to find the right vehicle.

Do you offer part exchange?

Here at Rampage Vehicles, we do offer part exchange, but the vehicle would need to be commercial.

How quickly will I get a leased van?

Once the van has been secured and the finance application process has been approved then we try to get your vehicle as soon as possible. We will then arrange with you a date for pickup or the delivery date.

Would I be able to cancel my van leasing agreement early?

If you want to settle your van lease earlier than the agreed contract term, then you can contact your finance company for a settlement figure. If you would like to cancel your van leasing agreement early, then there may be a cancellation charge.

How long will the van leasing approval take?

The van leasing approval process can vary depending on the finance company, it usually takes up to 2 days. If there are issues or questions with the information you have provided, then the approval process will take longer.